Crazy Cat Lady?

This is my very first blog. I’m not the best writer, but I feel very passionately about a certain topic lately. The term “Crazy Cat Lady”. I believe that this term has been thrown around very loosely and with such a negative connotation that I am here to give it new light. I’m going to tell you why it shouldn’t be said willy-nilly, especially to those whom you care about, who just really love cats… or perhaps just don’t want human offspring.

In the last month I have been in the works of expanding my family. My wife and I got married one year ago and we have a gorgeous boy named Orion. Yep, he’s the one in the picture up top. Oh yeah, he’s a cat… just in case you couldn’t tell. We aquired Orion from our friend and her kids. They were going to be moving to Arizona and we couldn’t bare this big fluff ball going through that road trip and hot weather. So we thought about it and asked if they’d like Orion (then called Mr. Tubs) to come live with us. Of course that takes some serious contemplation, deciding to give up your furbaby. A few days later we got a call and over speaker-phone our friend’s daughter asked us if we’d like to adopt Mr. Tubs. We were ready, extatic. It was set, we were driving north to go pick him up.

At the time, we lived in an apartment so I couldn’t fathom more then 1 cat. I never thought about getting more fur children. Orion was enough. My sweet lovey boy was just purrfect. Almost 4 years has passed since we became parents. We got married, bought our first house and then… I started to get THE ITCH… The furbaby itch.

About 5 years ago (before Orion… sorry, this is a bit back and forth in time line) I had finally conceded to fact that I didn’t want human children. I did want them for many years and even had them all named, all 4 of them. My Mom had 4 kids, 2 girls and 2 boys. I thought I’d carry on that tradition. She came from a family of 5 kids and my Dad from a family of 3. I played dolls and Barbies and house all the time. I would have been a great Mom and I think I would have made pretty blue-eyed babies. But I thought I’d have them before I turned 30. Well, that came and went, a while ago.

My wife (then girlfriend) was a part-time nanny for one of my boss’s new born son. I occasionally got to spend some time with them before or after my shift. She was great with him. Her sister had a one year old… so it was all fresh in her mind on how to care for an infant. I love babies, don’t get me wrong… but I hadn’t been around one in a long time. I learned quickly that I couldn’t handle the spit-up and explostive diapers. My stomach was too queasy and my gag reflex was too strong. I nearly vomited every time. I shudder at the memory. Of course, Maegan giving me tough love would say, “if you can’t handle this, how are you going to handle it when you have your own?”… these instances of her being a nanny are possibly what changed mind. I was passed 30. I really, really valued my sleep and knew I’d be bitter by getting no sleep from a constantly hungry or fussy baby. I didn’t want to be THAT Mom…. that is the day I knew I no longer wanted to breed. Plus, our parenting styles would have been WAY different and I don’t think we would have survived it. She is very strong willed and hard headed and I’m… well… I’m a bit passive. So I think it was a good decision for me… for us. Maegan never wanted kids of her own but would have had them with me. It was a difficult time in the beginning of our relationship because I wanted them so badly and she didn’t. Funny how the tables turned.

So this brings me back to present day and why I started this blog. Thank you for baring with my back story to fill in the blanks.

On September 24th I had my “thirtysomethingth” birthday. A few days later a friend and high school classmate had posted some pictures on social media of newborn kittens. Awe… a ginger one! I’ve always wanted an orange cat! And that one’s cute and that one’s cute etc… pretty much my inner AND external diolog since that day. I commented on one of the kitten pictures and she wrote back that she was fostering and that the kittens are on a live 24 hour YouTube feed… I went directly there and have been in love ever since. I watch them daily. It’s so fun to see them grow. I feel like I’m there through it all even though they are an hour plus away. I’ve been to see them twice. Boy, do they grow fast! They started out as cute little blind furry jelly beans, then grew to wobbly fresh eyed, milk guzzling babies to zoom zoomy flashes of furry lightening. Oh, did I mention they were also born on my birthday 😍! So of course it was meant to be…. right?

Ever since I started watching the kittens I can’t help but want to tell everybody about them and their YouTube feed @christineskittenroom and of course to show them off. I send family video links and pictures of them. I pretty instantly imprinted on 2 of the 6 kittens. I looked at them and they were mine. Jolene (their furry mom) was my surrogate but I was the Mama. The more I watched, the more I fell in love. Then I thought… what if I get one of each color? There are 3 white siamese girls, 1 torbie girl, 1 tortie boy and 1 ginger tabby boy. They were named via a naming contest that donates the money from the contest to Meow Cat Rescue in Kirkland, WA. They are called Jolene and the Country Music Kittens. Jolene is the beautiful Momma and her babies are Tammy, Emmylou, Patsy, Dolly, George and Willie. Totally adorable, right? Christine is their INCREDIBLE foster mom. I’m always in awe of her dedication. I don’t know how to do links in my text yet so maybe someone can help me with that. We will be adopting Willie, George and Patsy. There, I’ve made it officially official. They will have new names… but that will all come in a “baby reveal” photoshoot… our version of a “gender reveal” photoshoot.

Ok. Ok. I keep going on tangents… I know… but here it is… my RANT if you will. Crazy Cat Lady!… a term I’m getting quite offended by recently. I’ve been called that by my family and by my close friends and personally am tired of it! Why am I crazy for wanting to expand my family? Why does wanting to adopt 3 kittens make me crazy? So what! I’ll have 4 cats! But why do you say to me in a negative tone “Oh no! You’re going to be one of those crazy cat ladies”? Or “you’re obsessed”…. another word I hate, which will have its own explanation in a blog story soon.

Do the people who have 4 kids get flack for that? No! Do the people who have multiple dogs get called crazy? No! I understand that these groups of people may indeed get flack… but do they have that stereotyped name? Crazy human breeding lady? Crazy dog lady? And why is it “lady”? Yet another stereotype. So here I am to tell you to stop saying that term. Please.

Yes, I’ve been extra “cat mom-y” lately but that’s because I’m excited. Not crazy. I have shopped for “cat mom” things. I ordered my “cat mama” mug on Etsy from @abbingtonscoffeemugs. I want to get a Mewgaroo cat sweatshirt and my shoes have cats on them. I’m excited and cats are really cute. I should be able to celebrate my joy and excitement for my newly arriving babies. When woman are going to have a baby, I’d say most of them get excited. They pick out clothes (always too many of them… cough cough… helllllooo… kids grow really fast). They decorate a nursery. They are celebrated by friends and family with a baby shower. They take “coming soon” or “arriving on…” pictures. They prepare and are doted on. Well… WHY can’t I have those things? Explain to me why I don’t get to feel and experience that too? I DON’T WANT TO HAVE HUMAN CHILDREN! Why do I say “human children”, you ask? Well, because my cat is my kid. My child. My baby. To say I don’t want kids is not fact. I do want them… but the ones I want are fluffy and purr and have 4 legs. That’s why! Tell me I’m in the wrong if you can back up your reasoning for saying it to me. I was once told I couldn’t have a “real” wedding. Or that my wedding wasn’t considered traditional because we are both female. Hey, guess what, I’m the same as you. I work and pay bills and love. So guess what?!… I am going to have a kitten shower to welcome these babies into our home. Yep!… I said kitten shower. Why not? Pregnant women get baby showers and you celebrate them and give them gifts. I’m not having one to get a bunch of gifts. I’m having one to say “we are so excited to expand our family and we can’t wait for you to meet our new furbundles of joy”. We get the babies at the end of December so it will be the most magical gifts we’ve ever received and we can’t wait to share their cuteness with everyone.

We deserve everything that every other woman or couple deserve. We are a lesbian couple and we had a wedding, a real beautiful, legal wedding. We have a cat. He is our son. We are adopting 3 beautiful kittens… OUR babies. Will I post a ton of pictures of my cat kids like you do with your humans? Yep! Sure will! Will I include them in family photo shoots like you do with yours? Yep! Sure will! Will I document their growth process over the years? Yep! Gonna happen! Am I going to make a calendar of my kids and give it as gifts at Christmas? Oh, heck yes! Why? Because I’m a MOM too! Not a Crazy Cat Lady!

Check out Christine’s YouTube channel “Christine’s Kitten Room” she also has an Instagram and Facebook page of the name.

12 thoughts on “Crazy Cat Lady?

  1. I love that you are a kitty momma. I am sorry if I ever offended you as I am the full definition of a crazy dog woman 🙂 and I would love to come to your kitty baby shower! Congrats mommas!

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  2. We have 2 dogs and 4 cats. I totally get how you feel about your “kids” because we feel the same about ours. Neither do we feel the need for human children. Our animals are plenty! That being said, get ready to lose that precious sleep because 3 kittens are a lot to handle. 😉 But you’ll be great at it! Can’t wait to meet the new additions! Great post, Jen. 💙💛

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    • I know how it’ll be in the beginning. But they will have there own room to sleep safely in upstairs until they are old enough to free roam at night and sleep with us. I’m just excited for all the love that will be here soon😍


  3. I have 12 cats and had 15 when I first started blogging so I see nothing wrong with having 4 cats. I had wanted human children until I got a cat and discovered nothing could top her. I say do what makes you and your wife happy, that is all that matters.

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    • Thank you! I have been meeting so many people who have 5+ cats and I love it! I’m contemplating getting 4 of the kittens because I can’t make my mind up on 2 of them. Gives me anxiety trying to choose one over the other… I think I might just need 4. Lol.


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