Orion and His Furblings: The Beginning

Ca’tain’s Log: The first month. The Furblings are finally home. But let me catch you up on how this story begins.

Three months has passed so fast and just in case you didn’t know, technology is fascinating (YouTube live kitten cams… What!).

September 24th, 2017 this beautiful litter of fur-beans was born under the sink of their foster mom’s guest bathroom, Christine Adam at Christine’s Kitten Room. Christine is my friend, high school classmate, jack of all trades and an incredible and entertaining Cat/Kitten Foster Mom. See her website at www.christineskittenroom.com. She works with Meow Cat Rescue in Kirkland, WA. Their website is www.meowcatrescue.org. This beautiful litter was named via an online pole that donated money to Meow Cat Rescue. They soon became Jolene and The Country Music Kittens.

(Photo from @christineskittenroom Instagram. Follow her page)

Momma Jolene gave birth to 6 gorgeous and spunky kittens; Patsy, Willie, George, Dolly, Emmy Lou and Tammy. They were a huge YouTube hit with viewers from all over the world. Those who tuned in got to see everything from birth to daily weigh-ins to talk of adoptions and got to chat with Christine while she was in the room too. All their milestones were there 24/7. Now, with all the kittens and momma Jolene adopted and in their forever homes many of their fans can still follow them on social media.

My fur-family can be followed on…

Instagram: @orionandhisfurblings

Facebook: @orionandhisfurblings

I adopted 3 of those 6 kittens; Willie, George and Patsy. My very own Aristocats.

We brought them home on December 30th, 2017. My whole family came to Meow Cat rescue in kirkland with us for the adoption. It was a happy, emotional moment.

On the ride home it was a symphony of little bitty kitty mews. Quite funny really.

When we arrived home we now had the most difficult task of all… introducing these furblings to their new big brother Orion, our big 18 lb Siberian mix cat. And oh man! Was he pissed! We let him sniff them while they we’re safe in their travel carriers. He hissed and he growled and was annnngry! And he gave us “stink-eye” for a good 4 days… or so.

We took them upstairs and let them explore their new, very own “kitten room”.

We have had so much fun since they’ve been home and I’m getting to practice my new pet photography hobby… or should I say “furtography”? Which is quite a challenge with cats/kittens… they don’t listen so well.

So there is the catch up… now I hope to post far more often about life with 4 cats… a more detailed breakdown if you will.

Just wait until you hear what’s happened since these babies came home…

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