Media Mom under a Microscope

My cats are social media cats. Maybe not like the famous social media cats like Cole and Marmalade. But they have fans. They have since they were born. At least 3 of my 4. Hugo, Henry and Hazel from Their followers started knowing them as Willie, George and Patsy. They grew up on YouTube… 24/7 for the first 3 months of their lives. Now they are 7 months old and each incredibly sweet with unique individual personalities. More about them when I can blog about them individually.

My babies are loved unconditionally but I can’t keep them in a bubble… I take lots of pictures of them and sometimes don’t see beyond their cute faces. I recently had a picture of Henry on social media that brought forth some concerns that he looked sick. It was one of my favorite pictures of him.

Henry is my baby. He’s very attached to me and these are his lovey eyes… his “Momma come snuggle me. I love you” eyes. I had been cooking and he was patiently waiting for me to come sit down and settle. So when this picture rose concerns I got paranoid…. Was I missing something? Was he actually sick? The kittens had just been to the vet a week after this picture was taken and they were all given a clean bill of health. So when Henry did have something happen to him that did concern me a week later…. I was a mess. Anxiety and fear to the max! And it was just an irritated eye…

I didn’t post about it at all on social media because I was afraid I’d be chastised for being a bad mom. I took Henry to the vet, sick to my stomach that something happened to my baby that couldn’t be fixed. Dr. Fujie prescribed some Neomycin Polymixin Dexamethasone eye drops that we did twice a day for 7 days. He was such a trooper! It was a minor issue… but I freaked out. How do people even handle their human children being sick. I’d need a sedative.

Now that my Henry is better my Hugo is going through some issues. Ugh! I took him to the vet today.

It presented with infected claws/nail beds. He had litter stuck in his nail beds and they were very infected. He’s so ploofy that you can’t see it unless you push on his pads to retract his claws, which we were doing to trim his claws, that’s when we first noticed it. At the time we only noticed it on 1 claw. We cleaned it with diluted peroxide. A week later I noticed some raw skin on his front legs… he had been licking and biting at his duclaws. I continued checking all his nails and he had many infected nails, this is actually when we noticed the litter stuck in them. We immediately cleaned each one with diluted peroxide, cotton balls and q-tips…. we took down our Litter Robot and switched over to strictly using cedar pellets in all cat boxes. None of the other cats are having issues.

He’s also been quite itchy and licking alot. We weren’t sure if that was related to the claws or from him jumping in my bath water that I had a bath bomb in…. in which we immediately drained the bath and bathed him with cat shampoo. He has a spot over his right eye that’s irritated and under his chin. I brought up allergies to the vet and he doesn’t think it’s that.

The vet did a cytology test to see if its immunity related. He have him a shot of antibiotics and some antifungal wipes for us to use twice daily for 7 to 10 days. I don’t like when my babies aren’t feeling well. He is and has been eating and playing just fine, like normal… I just want him to stop itching and scratching and for ALL his wounds to clear up. My poor, sweet baby.

We’re at home snuggling and napping today. Glad I can have the day off with them all.

As for being Media Mom under a microscope… I’m doing my best. I love each of my cats unconditionally. I take care of them. They are groomed, fed, watered and have clean boxes. I’d never neglect them or their needs. I cant keep them in a plastic bubble… they are strictly indoor cats and that’s the best I can do for them. I love them more then anybody could ever know and them having ailments breaks my heart. Like anxiety and all that stuff is real. Thanks for listening. Until next time!

Current snuggle status!

🐾 -jen

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