The Good, The Bad and The Naughty…

My cats are sweet…

…That’s what I keep telling myself. My cats are gorgeous, there’s no doubt about that. And they really are “mostly” sweet… but I’m telling you… Man Alive! Can they be naughty!

Prime Example… and biggest culprit…


Don’t leave ANY cupboard open or unattended!

But I saw a bug, Mom

… and it’s taunting me!

Stuck between a mesh and a glass place

Aparently someone hired a new Sous Chef…

It’s not just Hugo… but it almost always is… I may need to change is name from Hugo Elrond to Hugo Shenanigans… something about ginger cats, I guess.

… wasn’t me…

Looking through my photos I don’t have any of the others being naughty… yet. Maybe that’s because even when Hugo is naughty and you tell him to stop… he doesn’t… which gives one time to take pictures. The others stop when they are in trouble… for the most part.

The Instigator

Leave no clean bowl unsat

… none of them!

… Mom… whatcha doin’?

Proudly going where he’s not supposed to for the 1000th time..


So what exactly does Hugo do that makes him so naughty? Well… he jumps and proceeds to climb up your body… regardless if you are wearing clothes or not. He knows how to turn off the air purifiers. No joke, I think he thinks it’s a game. On. Off. On. Off… until he gets shut out of the bedroom. He gets on the counter when I’m trying to cook. He torments his furblings. Climbs and chews on the blinds and window screens. Gets in to any cupboard or drawer you have open… even if only for seconds… we’ve had to disassemble our kitchen drawers to get him out of the back… more than once. He gets in the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer… he really is NAUGHTY!…

These blinds are new… I wonder how they taste?

That spot on the wall there…. it moved… did you see it move? (it’s a texture bump)

That windowsill there… its trying to attack me… did you see it?

Must climb Mom so I can get on that wardrobe there… right there. Do you see it?

BUT when he is sleeping…. he’s a dream… AND IT’S RIDICULOUS!


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